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What better way to learn about Better Mobile Photos - than attend a workshop. Bring a plus one and learn how you too, can improve your phone photos in your personal and professional life. This will provide the best insight into what we offer and pick up some cool tips along the way.


Email: +61 455 238 111

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What we do

At Better Mobile Photos, Mike delivers smartphone photography training to two audiences.

  • People wanting to enjoy photography as a hobby or those simply wanting to make their photos look better. We deliver smartphone photography training to private groups and via our scheduled group workshops in Geelong and Melbourne. Further details can be found here.
  • Industry groups and small businesses. Mike delivers tailored training and presentations to better communicate a brand, capture stories for social media or improve recording processes. Further details can be found here.


Mike James Bio

Mike James has combined 20 years of experience in photography and mentoring to become a sought after smartphone photography training specialist. Phone camera technology, combined with Mikes’ practical techniques, tips and recommended apps have made the smartphone a convenient and viable tool for professional photography. He is on a mission to help you become photography literate – without the technical jargon, enabling you to become confident, capturing, creating and sharing the best possible photos in your personal and professional life.

Read more about Mikes story here

Interview: Despina Keratzias of Tourism Hub - Institute of Excellence

In this episode, I had the pleasure of capturing first time meeting over a coffee with Mike James, founder of Better Mobile Photos.

In this episode Mike shares with us his big WHY around starting his business and why he has left his big expensive camera gear behind to teach the magic of what you can achieve with a smartphone device.

Smartphone Photography Workshop - Better Mobile Photography

A Better Mobile Photography workshop with Mike is an eye-opening experience. You will discover just what you can do with your mobile phone, and probably, be amazed at the kinds of images that can be produced, just by using your phone....

Innovative Idea - Better Mobile Photos 2017 Award Winner

THE ANZ GEELONG SMALL BUSINESS AWARDS 2017 is an event developed by Geelong Small Business Advocates, for Geelong Small Businesses.

Geelong is a region that is bursting at the seams with small business culture and is full of passionate creatives that are working together to create a community of good business.  The ANZ Geelong Small Business Awards is an event unlike any other, that will both celebrate this culture and encourage it to thrive...

Get smart tips on taking top snaps

Most of us have modern cameras in our back pockets or handbags, but don't realise or know how to use them. Photographer Mike James, who has spent most of his professional life taking photos with SLR cameras, has a new found passion for smartphone photography, and he wants to share it....

Only mobile art - mobile artists

Mike James from Geelong in Australia, is a late adopter to Smartphone photography after using the DSLR for twenty years. He has now become a ‘mobile purist’ after challenging himself to leverage camera replacement and editing apps to recreate some of his favourite images....

Popckorn - featured mobile photographers

Meet Mike James from Geelong in Australia. His transition from DSLR to smartphone photography was due to a sad phase of his life: Loosing his mother. He says “My mother passed away over two years ago. After her passing, I was devastated to find so very few photos of her. The two main reasons for this were; I had a great DSLR for work, which I mostly used on special occasions and mum was quite ill for a number of years. Hence, she had a camera phobia and was reluctant to have her photo taken.

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Quick article idea

Five quick tips to improve your Smartphone photos – right now!

Photography has never been more in demand and accessible – most people already have a highly developed camera in their bag or pocket everyday.  Your mobile phone camera is always within easy reach, and now has the ability to capture great photos. BUT, you want to take WOW photos…

Here is five quick tips that will instantly transform your images from snapshot to WOW photo.

1.   Ensure the subject is obvious

2.   Check for background clutter

3.   Tap the screen to focus before capturing the photo

4.   Experiment different angles and perspectives

5.   Edit your photos using Snapseed phone app by Google

Mike at Better Mobile Photos runs two and three hour workshops, providing photography tips and easy photo editing techniques. Topics covered include: phone camera specific tips, what to photograph, how to set up a photo, camera replacement and photo editing apps.

The sessions are jargon-free and a lot of fun. Everyone leaves the class feeling excited and confident to capture those precious stories, moments and experiences. Tailored training for businesses and private groups can also be arranged. Further information can be found at