Weekly Mobile Photography Theme – Tilted

Our recent weekly mobile photography theme was Tilted. We received photos ranging from photos that were crooked to those, where the technique really enhanced the image.


This tilted/slanted theme was a particularly difficult concept and took many of us out of our comfort zone. I was so pleased that many acknowledged that fact and really stepped out of their comfort zone and tried something new. That is the best way to learn.

The are a couple of reasons why we would intentionally tilt a photo:
•   Existing lines in the photo, such as the horizon into a more dynamic diagonal line
•   Adds some excitement, energy and interest to an otherwise bland image


This is not a technique that works with all images. Sometimes, it can just look like a crooked image and create visual tension. This may be those particular photos, where there is content that has several lines that our sub-conscious use as a reference point to perceive an image as straight. An example of this could be a street pole.


Each week our Facebook group - Better Mobile Photos Community and Instagram account, hosts a weekly photography theme. This encourages us to share mobile phone photos, techniques, tips, favourite apps, editing techniques and be inspired by each others interpretations of the theme. It is a fun, supportive and social community, specifically for Android and iPhone photographers of all levels. Tag your images the assigned hashtag to be involved and featured in our articles.


The Peoples Choice winners are determined by the number of likes and comments received from the community. Below, you will find the winning entries together with some other amazing contributions.


Congratulations to Melissa Blanks​ and Amanda Pockett​ for winning our recent Peoples Choice.

Peoples Choice Winner - Melissa Blanks

Melissa's image of the ancient ruins within Jarash in Jordan was a community favourite. This is an interpretation of the theme – which I love to see each week. The angle is slightly tilted, however, most of the tilt comes form the lower angle. This angle really introduces the texture of the stone path into the photo, filling in a third of the frame. In the harsh midday lighting, it is more difficult to capture an image that does not look like a holiday snap. The lines in the image (including the sun rays) lead our eye to the small people providing a reference point to appreciate just how grand these ruins are.

Peoples Choice Winner - Amanda Pockett

Amanda's image is a great example of the tilt improving the image. Quick little exercise for you – tilt your head to view this as a straight image and imagine this image without the altered colour. Do you think this would be anywhere near as interesting? The editing (post processing) of this image has created an aged look to the timbers and added to the content around fruit farming subject. This combined with the tilt has added that energy I mentioned and really made this image a stand out.


There are three reasons why we edit a photo – well me anyway and I can see that Amanda has approached her edit in a very similar manner.
1. Correct any technical issues capturing image.
2. Re-frame the image and start Improving the visual aesthetics.
3. Further communicate the story or simply enhance the sections of the photo to manipulate the viewer’s attention.

Highlights from our Instagram and Facebook community - using the hashtag #BMP_TILTED

Image by - Frances Jack (Hooded Naturess)
Image by - Shannen Lymer
Image by - Andrew Saunders
Image by - Andrew Saunders
tilted image of a basketball team
Image by - Kerrin Lisa Angel-Irvine
Image by - Lynne Bryant
Image by - Frances Jack (Hooded Naturess)
Image by - Mike James

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Remember: Be Passionate, Be Creative and Keep Learning

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