Weekly Mobile Photography Theme – Red

Last weeks mobile photography theme was Red. We received photos ranging from red roses, leaves and trees to trains, structures and skies.

Each week the Better Mobile Photos Community Facebook group hosts a weekly photography theme inviting members to share mobile phone photos, techniques, tips, favourite apps and editing techniques. It is a fun, supportive and social community, specifically for Android and iPhone photographers of all levels.

The winners (#PeoplesChoice) are determined by the number of likes and comments received from the group. Below, you will see last weeks winning entries together with some other amazing contributions.

Congratulations to Toni Medrano and Benjamin Coulton​ for winning this weeks #PeoplesChoice.

Red rose captured on a phone camera
Image by - Toni Medrano

Toni is becoming a regular #PeoplesChoice winner. This image was a popular image for many reasons. It is one of those images that can be interpreted so many ways. It could be interpreted by two people totally differently. The red flower and bright light next to it could evoke a happy response. The bright light could mean hope – a light at the end of a tunnel. Someone else may see all the darkness in the photo and feel sadness.


The flower is positioned really nicely off-centre both horizontally and vertically. The monochrome surface has a very grandeur, classy, styled look to it. The object the flower is resting on is not instantly recognisable. This can have the viewer interested and captivated to look deeper into the photo. That to me is what a great image does – it holds the viewer’s attention and takes them on a personal journey looking for their own meaning.


As we learn photography, we produce results like this more by accident than intentional. Not this photo Toni - you nailed it intentionally!! This is where I hope to assist you by writing these critiques. The biggest learning curve we can challenge ourselves with, is the ability to consciously identify and be able to articulate what elements of a photo you either find aesthetically appealing or visually awkward. This is a never ending pursuit too. Don’t confuse this with finding meaning in a photo. Sometimes it is ok to not understand a photo and just appreciate its simplicity or complexity for what it is.


Make your image stand out on social media - include an occasional red, black and white or upside down image. We live in a fast paced, mobile scrolling world where it is difficult to have our images noticed.

Please remember, that these vanity metrics (likes and follows) on social media are not always real, engaged people and your own photography satisfaction is not measured by these numbers.

Image by - Ben Couton

Ben posted the before photo in the comments. This is a great way for us to see the difference. I noticed that the stones and moss on the ground are a lot sharper – adding to the grunge look (grimy and dirty).

It appears that Ben has added the sharpening (Details in Snapseed) to just the areas that he wanted. The reason I suspect this is that when we add a lot of sharpening to a photo, the edges between dark and light areas have a halo effect. This is because the sharpening darkens the dark edge and lightens the light edge. Hence why there is a brighter line creating the halo effect. The other indication that sharpening has been added to the whole image, is when the sky starts to look really blotchy.

Selective colouring is one of those techniques that you either love it or not. I personally am not a big fan! However, there are some rare occasions that I love it….and this is one of those photos.

Other highlights from last week:

Image by - Daniel Smith
Image by - Kelly Schuliga
Image by - Mike James
Image by - Frances Jack (The Hooded Naturess)
Image by - Karen Vanderpol
stunning close up of a flower
Image by - Erin Nicholson
Image by - Susan Gaye Richards
Image by - Carole Walker
red structure on a phone camera
Image by - Marcia Clark

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Remember: Be passionate, be creative and keep learning.

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