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Last weeks mobile photography theme was Leading Lines. We received photos ranging from architecture to landscapes. There were so many leading lines in the form of paths, buildings, trees, shoreline, bridges, and fence lines. Symmetrical photos and converging lines were also very popular. Converging lines are where two parallel lines eventually meet in the distance.

Each week the Better Mobile Photos Community Facebook group hosts a weekly photography theme inviting members to share mobile phone photos, techniques, tips, favourite apps and editing techniques. It is a fun, supportive and social community, specifically for Android and iPhone photographers of all levels.

The winners (#PeoplesChoice) are determined by the number of likes and comments received from the group. Below, you will see last weeks winning entries together with some other amazing contributions.

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Congratulations to Toni Medrano and Dave Libbey ​ for winning this weeks #PeoplesChoice.

Image by - Toni Medrano
Image by - Toni Medrano

This image has leading lines, converging lines, symmetry, triangles and balance. That’s a lot of boxes ticked when it comes to photo structure (composition). The doorway at the end of all those lines above the centre line makes the bottom half feature more than the roof. The reflections from the ceiling lighting on the floor connects the whole image together.

The colours of brown and orange on the colour wheel are analogous. What does this mean? Analogous colours are positioned next to each other on the colour wheel. Analogous colours create a calm, serene feeling.

The image also includes a number of triangles where the tip (apex) converges at the doorway. These triangle shapes act like arrows to direct our attention. The positioning of these triangles are referred to as ‘stable’ triangles. If this photo was crooked, the triangles would be rotated and appear ‘unstable’ making us feel like we were about to fall over!

Image by - Dave Libbey

Love the perspective of this photo. Hundreds of thousands of people probably traverse this train platform every day and have never seen it from this angle before. The yellow line and the reflection of the headlights on the concrete floor completes a triangle acting as an arrow toward the train.

The muted, grungy colours in this image, compliment the texture of the concrete floor beautifully.

The cut-off legs of the commuter provide anonymity and a little sense of mystery to the story. Who is this person? What are they wearing or other clues? The fact that only two people are on the platform indicates it is not a peak commute time.

I particularly enjoy this image, because it is well composed; has interesting perspective, great lighting, tones and colour. The elements also allow me to decipher the story.

Other highlights from last week:

Image by - Jayne Heycoop
Image by - Frances Jack (The Hooded Naturess)
Image by - Elizabeth Welch
Image by - Carole Walker
Image by - Brooke Willman
Image by - Carole Walker

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