Weekly Mobile Photography Theme #Reflection


Each week the  Better Mobile Photos Community Facebook group,, hosts a weekly photography theme inviting members to share mobile phone photos, techniques, tips, favourite apps and editing techniques. It is a fun, supportive and social community, specifically for Android and iPhone photographers of all levels.

Last week’s theme #Reflections resulted in some stunning submissions ranging from selfie reflections, objects mirrored in water and reflective landscapes.

The winners (#PeoplesChoice) are determined by the number of likes and comments received from the group. Below, you will see last weeks winning entries together with some other amazing contributions.  If you would like to see further photos from the winning photographers, simply click/tap on their names.



This is a stunning photo. The reflection provides balance and creates a relaxed and calming mood. The bright light on the buildings provides a very dramatic reflection. If you relied on a dedicated camera – then these opportunities may pass you by.  You will never miss a good photo opportunity when you use your ‘always available’ mobile phone camera.

People’s Choice 2 – Image by Kate Rickwood

This is an awesome selfie. It looks like a lot of fun and just makes me smile when I look at it. The composition is fantastic too. Kate’s face is off-centre vertically and horizontally in that ‘ideal location’ according to the rule of thirds guideline (see How to easily capture WOW photos using your Smartphone.) Having the main subject off-centre provides space for us viewers to explore the surrounding scene and find the supporting contextual elements to the story.

People’s Choice 3 – Image by Alicia Inglis
People’s Choice 3 – Image by Alicia Inglis

This is a great example of a photo that evokes an emotional response. We can all relate to a personal experience where we have seen a similar view in our side mirror. It is very powerful when a photo can connect with someone emotionally.  I also love that Alicia managed two capture two reflections in the one photo!

Other highlights from last week:

Image by – Frances Jack
Image by – Isabella Matthews

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