Weekly Mobile Photography Theme #Colors

Weekly mobile photography theme Peoples Choice #Colours

Last weeks mobile photography theme was #Colors. We received photos ranging from colourful skies, flowers to birds! I personally really loved being a part of this weeks challenge. Creativity is not something that has always come easy to me. I would often struggle for things to photograph! This week, it was evident that everyone enjoyed having a purpose and something specific to photograph. Something about seeking out and capturing colours – it just makes you happy.. This week all your photos shared made me feel that way. Thank you.

Each week the Better Mobile Photos Community Facebook group hosts a weekly photography theme inviting members to share mobile phone photos, techniques, tips, favourite apps and editing techniques. It is a fun, supportive and social community, specifically for Android and iPhone photographers of all levels.

The winners (#PeoplesChoice) are determined by the number of likes and comments received from the group. Below, you will see last weeks winning entries together with some other amazing contributions.

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Congratulations to Toni Medrano and Frances Jack​ for winning this weeks #PeoplesChoice.

Wow – colourful.

We talk about 'visual impact' quite a bit in our Facebook Community, articles and during the in-person workshops. If you want some inspiration – next time you visit a retail outlet or even a supermarket; look at how they display their stock.

Visual merchandising, similar to landscape design and even architecture all incorporate the principles of visual aesthetics, creating a mood, flow and direct our attention around the scene. Sounds familiar doesn’t it – it is exactly what we try to achieve as amateur mobile photographers.

Notice that the shelving is a wave shape. Now imagine if that shelf was straight. Would it have the same impact? This wave is more flowing and calming as opposed to a straight shelf that coldly and abruptly dissects the scene in half. If you have sat on a surf board in the ocean swell behind the breakers, you will instantly find shapes like this calming on a sub-conscious level.

When we edit photos, quite often people are tempted to add some brightness to the shadows to bring into view some of the missing details and make it look more like what the eye saw. The dark shadows in this photo provide amazing depth to this photo, almost popping off the screen.

Another great image by Fran - aka The Hooded Naturess. The colors are so vibrant and warm. The composition is absolutely perfect. For those that have just joined us – composition is where elements are positioned in the photograph and how they interact with each other. The horizon is in the bottom third making it obvious and easy for us viewer to identify that the cloud taking up two thirds of the photo is the main interest.

The person in the scene is also located off-centre and looking toward the middle of the photo. I like that even the clouds seem to have separated to frame the silhouette. I’m sure Fran waited for this to happen!

Other highlights from last week:

Image by - Karen Vanderpol
Phone photo of Geelong boat shed
Image by - Andrew Saunders
Image by - Kaylene Stocks
Image by - Jayne Heycoop
Image by - Brooke Willman
Image by - Jane Burns
Image by - Carole Walker
Lovely sunset captured on a phone
Image by - Erin Nicholson
Image by - Mike James
Image by - Mike James

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Remember: Be passionate, be creative and keep learning.

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