Water Photos from our Better Mobile Photos Community

This weeks water photo theme resulted in some stunning mobile photos shared ranging from people in water, fast action splashing shots of water, silky smooth pouring water, through to amazing reflections in water.


One thing that each of your favourite water photos have in common is the water is frozen in motion. These action shots make the water the main obvious feature of the image. That is one of the key elements of a WOW photo – make the story/subject obvious.


The burst feature (holding down the button) is awesome for capturing a fast sequence of activity. It does not however, necessarily capture fast action. In a well lit environment, it will. However, if the lighting is not ideal – we need to manually tell the phone camera to take a fast action image.


The easiest way to capture a fast action splash image is to record slow motion video, then take a screen capture of the paused video. Another more technical option is to manually set the shutter speed to 250. Android users can select Pro mode and adjust the shutter, then ISO to balance the light back to normal. IOS users have to install a camera replacement app. My favourites are ProCamera, ProCam and Camera+. I wish I had one favourite – they are all fantastic.


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The Peoples Choice winners are determined by the number of likes and comments received from the community. Below, you will find the winning entries together with some other amazing contributions.


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Peoples Choice Winner - Meli James Collins
Peoples Choice Winner - Nici Marshall
Peoples Choice Winner - Brooke Willman

Highlights from our Instagram and Facebook community - using the hashtag #bmp_water

Moody image of water pouring captured on an iphone 7 plus
Image by - Jane Burns
Image by - Yvette Denning
Image by - Jaya Pathare
Image by - Toni Medrano
Image by - Lynne Bryant
Image by - Erin Nicholson
Image by - Tiffany Christine Gray
Image by - David Boppar Keen
Image by - Ketut Suwitra

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