Weekly Mobile Photography Theme – Upside Down

This weeks Upside Down theme was a great exercise to get out there and try something new. Really, who goes out there intentionally taking photos upside down?

It was great to have so many taking part and sharing their creations. There were some new images captured during the week with the theme in mind – and existing photos turned upside down experimenting to see the results.


Make your image stand out on social media - include an occasional upside, red or black and white image. We live in a fast paced, mobile scrolling world where it is difficult to have our images noticed.

Please remember, that these vanity metrics (likes and follows) on social media are not always real people and your own photography satisfaction is not measured by these numbers.


Each week our Facebook group - Better Mobile Photos Community and Instagram account, hosts a weekly photography theme. This encourages us to share mobile phone photos, techniques, tips, favourite apps, editing techniques and be inspired by each others interpretations of the theme. It is a fun, supportive and social community, specifically for Android and iPhone photographers of all levels. Be sure to tag your images the assigned hashtag to be involved and featured in our articles.


The Peoples Choice winners are determined by the number of likes and comments received from the community. Below, you will find the winning entries together with some other amazing contributions.


Congratulations to Frances Jack and Belinda Girotto​ for being voted the weekly #PeoplesChoice. Please check out their Instagram accounts and follow them to continually be inspired by their amazing mobile phone photography.

Peoples Choice Winner - Frances Jack
Peoples Choice Winner - Belinda Girotto

Highlights from our Instagram and Facebook community - using the hashtag #bmp_upsidedown

Image by - Kel Mackelleen
Image by - Carole Walker
Image by - Fran Jack
Image by - Helen Miller
Image by - Mike James
Image by - Mike James
Image by - Toni Medrano
Image by - Jayne Heycoop
Image by - Fran Jack
Image by - The Hooded Naturess

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Remember: Be Passionate, Be Creative and Keep Learning

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