Story Telling Photos from our Better Mobile Photos Community

Our recent story telling theme resulted in some stunning photos shared ranging from peoples interactions to inanimate objects that managed to communicate a story and mystery.


I really enjoyed the images coming through this week. This reminds me of one of my favourite quotes by Lucas Gentry “photography has nothing to do with the camera.”


Story telling in photos is one of the main elements of a photo that separates a snap shot to a created image. Stories can be personal memories, mysterious or documentary. A story in a photo holds the viewer's attention for longer - especially an ambiguous image - where the viewer is forced to draw on their own experiences and thoughts to create their own narrative.


It is quite a challenge to create story telling photos as opposed to a movie; because an image is a split second in time. It is not supported by a title, text, voice over or moving elements. One quick suggestion - create an obvious subject and strategically introduce the context; via other contents in the image -their positioning in size and distance from the subject, tones and lighting can create the mood even the posture and clothing worn by a person can communicate a message. It is a real art form and great fun.


Businesses are starting to realise the power of story telling in images and are including instructions in their branding style guide and social media policies of what type of photos to capture.



Kristy's really spoke to a lot of us in the group. Cancer has touched many of us and our loved ones and this image just brings joy to all of us. Thank you so much for sharing.

Marcia's image provides enough of a story, to leave us using our own memories and indicators in the image to find the story: including as a child, the expressions, postures, etc. I also loved the black and white conversion, composition and position of everyone.


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The Peoples Choice winners are determined by the number of likes and comments received from the community. Below, you will find the winning entries together with some other amazing contributions.


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Peoples Choice Winner - Kristy Edwards
story telling photos captured on a mobile phone camera
Peoples Choice - Marcia Clark

Highlights from our Instagram and Facebook community - using the hashtag #bmp_storytelling

Image by - Robin Walker
Image by - Jan Marie
Image by - Ketut Suwitra
Serious play time - storytelling photo captured on an iphone camera
Image by - Jane Burns
Image by - Meli James Collins
Story telling photo captured on iphone 7
Image by - Jane burns
Image by - Mike James
Image by - Mike James
Story telling photo captured on a mobile phone camera
Image by - Nancy Vitulic
Image by - Mike James

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