Photos of Leaves – Weekly Mobile Photography Theme

The collage of photos of leaves looks stunning – all those colours and textures. As always the images shared in our community were really inspiring and help to expand our own creativity looking at what everyone else produces in response to the theme.


As well as these deserving Peoples Choice winning images, there were some amazing images of leaves with water droplets on top. These are really stunning images that really show that you have taken the time to really study the leave and look for an alternative way of photographing them. That is what creativity is all about.


The best way of expanding your creativity, is to get out there taking photos of different objects at different angles, experimenting with editing apps and checking out other’s images for inspiration. There is no shortage of that in our community. I appreciate everyone’s contributions.


We love seeing images of all standards, allowing us to be involved and witness your development as you grow your passion for taking photos and increasing your confidence and skills. I personally absolutely love seeing some member’s skills grow and exceed my own.. I am constantly saying – I wish I had of seen that opportunity or taken that image!!


Each week, we host a new mobile photography theme in our Facebook group and Instagram; to share, learn and be inspired by images created on mobile devices. It is a fun, supportive and social community, specifically for Android and iPhone photographers of all levels. Be sure to tag your images the assigned hashtag to be involved and featured in our articles.


The Peoples Choice winners are determined by the number of likes and comments received from the community. Below, you will find the winning entries together with some other amazing contributions.


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Peoples Choice Winner - by Dave Libbey
Peoples Choice Winner - by Benny Geeson

Highlights from our Instagram and Facebook community - using the hashtag #bmp_leaves

Image by - David Boppa Keen
Image by - Mike James
Photos of leaves captured on smartphone camera phone
Image by - Linda Mary Lucas
Image by - Yvette Denning
Image by - Carole Walker
Image by - Karen Vanderpol
Image by - Carole Walker
Image by - Andrew Suanders
Image by - Mike James

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Remember: Be Passionate, Be Creative and Keep Learning

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