Be creative taking and editing photos on your phone

We all have an amazing camera in our smartphone

However, your phone did not arrive with a manual!

It does not tell us what to photograph, how to set up the photo or how to edit and enhance the image.

We run in-person workshops and online training covering; phone specific techniques, jargon-free photographic theory and mobile photo editing apps to help you become more visually literate.

Our mission is to empower you to be confident, creative and love taking photos on your phone as you capture life moments, communicate and connect with others.

Melbourne and
Geelong Mobile
Photography Workshops

Smartphone photography workshop in Melbourne
learn more about better mobile photos

Our mobile photo editing workshops and smartphone photo walks assist you become more photography literate – without the jargon.

Learn what to photograph, how to set up a photo and the amazing camera and photo editing apps available to enhance that story or moment.

We cannot wait to share our passion and have you feeling the same.

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Business Workshops
Creative and
Technical Photos

learn more about better mobile photos

Specific training designed to empower you and your team to conveniently and consistently create engaging photos. Don't let ordinary photos represent your brand.

Produce your own effective and affordable marketing material aligned with your existing marketing plan.

We can demonstrate techniques and apps that will easily produce photos beyond the standard camera.

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Better Mobile Photos to Capture Family, Friends, Travel & Fun

  • Never feel disappointed missing those precious moments again. Learn how to turn your happy snaps into WOW photos
  • Be proud to post and share. We all love our photos to be liked!
  • Photo editing apps are fun - however can be frustrating. We accelerate the learning curve so you can create stunning photos you did not think you were able to achieve
  • Let's organise your own group booking – perfect for mothers’ groups, bridal parties, workplace activity and more

Better Mobile Photos to Capture & Communicate Your Business

  • Personalised training tailored to your business needs
  • Produce easy, consistent, effective, affordable and timely images for marketing and business promotion
  • Achieve high quality photos for record keeping using camera replacement apps and accessories
  • Empower your team to confidently capture photo opportunities
  • Visual content is now essential to build an online following
  • Reward your staff with a fun private group workshop

FREE Photo Course - 5 Videos

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