How often do you wish your phone photos could be better?

Love your photos & have people say "You took that on your smartphone"

  • Don't miss out on those photographic opportunities
  • Everyone can take a photo on their phone - a great photo is so much more than the tap of the screen.
  • Create images that you are excited to share from the palm of your hand.
  • All it requires is some simple jargon-free theoretical knowledge & some learned creativity (we didn't all get that gene).
  • Your phone did not arrive with a manual! It does not tell you what to photograph, how to set up the photo or how to edit and enhance the image.
  • In-person & online training cover; phone specific techniques, jargon-free photographic theory & mobile photo editing apps to create WOW photos.
  • No need to search the App store and Google Play - I recommend the best & show you how to use them.

Better Mobile Photos to Capture Family, Friends, Travel & Fun

Smartphone photography workshop in Melbourne

Geelong and Melbourne in-person scheduled photo walks and workshops

  • Transform your snapshots into WOW photos
  • Never miss those precious moments with blurry photos
  • We all love our photos to be liked! Be proud to share them
  • Photo editing apps are fun - however can be frustrating. We accelerate the learning curve so you can create stunning photos you did not think you were able to achieve
  • Let's organise your own group booking – perfect for mothers’ groups, bridal parties, workplace activity & more

Better Mobile Photos to Capture & Communicate Your Business

Business snapshot into a WOW image

Corporate courses available to suit your business photography needs

  • Personalised training tailored to your business needs
  • Don't let ordinary photos represent your brand
  • Produce easy, consistent, effective, affordable & timely images for social media, blogs and visual marketing.
  • Empower your team to capture photo opportunities
  • Visual content is essential to attract & engage an online audience
  • Produce technical photos beyond the standard camera for record keeping, reliable, consistent photos in challenging scenarios